One Company, Every Range Service
FRS has the staff and equipment to manage any challenge faced by shooting ranges, indoor or outdoor.  Need to improve your range for safety, function or aesthetics?  We can help.  Need to protect the environment, employees or customers?  We can help.  Need to recover and recycle your range lead?  We are THE help.  Need to build a new trap, indoors or out?  We can do that.  Want to convert your trap from steel to rubber?  We can design it, build it or give you the plans and support you through construction. 
  1. Rubber Traps
    FRS has developed the most advanced lead recovery system for rubber traps. We not only boast the highest percentage of lead recovery - we are unique in the industry in being able to recover target paper waste and small rubber fines while maintaining the highest production rate available.
  2. Indoor Sand Traps
    FRS has multiple screen options to recover bullets and fragments from indoor sand traps - including small screens that can fit between shooting stalls.
  3. Steel Traps
    Our personnel are certified to perform hot work on lead-contaminated traps - including welding, cutting and conversion from steel trap to rubber trap.
  4. Outdoor Ranges
    FRS provides all the personnel, equipment and materials to recover lead from traps, rebuild degraded traps, stabilize soils, manage erosion. We support rifle, pistol and shotgun ranges.
  5. Range Improvements
    Whether your range needs a facelift or complete redesign and renovation, we provide multiple construction tradesmen certified for work in lead-hazard environments. Painting, concrete repair, carpentry, mechanical, insulation - we can help with almost any improvement project.
  6. HVAC Filters and Testing
    FRS provides HVAC testing including flow testing, pressure drop and smoke tests for turbulence and leaks. We can help you manage your filters, arranging for onsite stabilization or waste management. Need help changing your filters or designing a new filter system? We can help with that, too.
  7. Environment, Health & Safety
    We provide full consulting services for air monitoring, surface wipe sampling, noise monitoring, and Lead and Noise Compliance Plans for implementing best management practices necessary to protect your clients, employees and neighbors.
  8. Waste Management
    FRS can assist with establishing safe management practices for lead-contaminated filters, cleaning waste and Personal Protective Equipment waste. We can arrange shipping and disposal.
  9. Decontamination
    FRS can provide HEPA vacuuming, wet-vacuuming, wet wipe, pressure washing and contaminated surface stabilization.